Books About a Dog’s Bark

A dog’s bark is as good as their voice. If we liken it to people, we can infer that when a dog barks, it is trying to communicate something. Unfortunately, people can’t really understand what each dog bark really means.

Fortunately though, there are a great number of people who devoted their lives to analyzing these dog barks, seeing whether or not they are positive or not, and how to restrain dogs from barking when we need to.

Let’s take a look at three books about the dog’s bark.

Barking: The Sound of a Language

Barking The Sound of a Language

The first book we’ll be taking a look at is called Barking: The Sound of a Language by TuridRugass.

The book looks at barking as something that more than just a random noise that comes out of dogs. It is something that all dogs do. Thus, it is something to be understood. From understanding, trainers can begin to manage the dog’s barking behaviors, if and when it becomes necessary to do so.

The book focuses on the different signals that you need to look out for in a dog that shows why they are barking. These signals are usually associated with a dog’s body language and can help you in communicating back to dog.

While it is their communication method, it does have its negative effects if not handled correctly. Thus, the book also helps to identify the different types of bark from different families of dogs, the causes of these barks, and a simple guide to help you control the barking.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Why Do Dogs Bark

Next up on our list is Joan Holub’s Why Do Dogs Bark?

As the tile of the book suggests, it is about answering the titular question of the book. However, the book also answers other questions regarding dog behaviors. These questions include why they lick, bite, and smell people? What their digging means? What tasks they can do? And so much more.

The book is full of facts that are important to training your dog. It is a must read.

How to Stop Dog Barking

How to Stop Dog Barking

Finally, we have Karl Kim’s book, How to Stop Dog Barking: The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Your Dog’s Barking Habits for Good!

This book understands that if left out of hand, a dog’s bark can be used as a tantrum tool. It can even evolve into something that cannot be controlled, and will thus irritate you, the people around you, and even your neighbors.

This book will guide you every step of the way to quell these habits and control them.