Hurricane normally gets up around 8 am. Her first priority is breakfast. Nothing is more important and she will let me know what she wants. After she eats breakfast, she wants to go outside. In addition to nature’s call there is quite a bit of sniffing that needs to be done. When she is done she returns to the house. She will now wait for my wife to get up. We can’t have any noisy games while she is still asleep.
When my wife gets up we are ready for “Shake the Rag”. This game began with a tug of war rope. She liked to hold it on one end and shake it while spinning around like a hurricane. She would occasionally let go of it and it went flying. Getting hit by the knot on the end of the rope didn’t feel so good so we decided to give her rags to shake instead. In case you are wondering, we named her “hurricane” before she started spinning around. She is just living up to her name.
I have seen dogs with a critter they have captured. They shake it and then put it down and nudge it with their nose to see if it moves. If it moves, they pick it up and shake it some more. Hurricane does this with the rag we give her to shake. She will put it on the floor and nudge it with her nose a few times. She will then pick it up and shake it some more. In addition to several sessions of shaking the rag, she wants to play fetch several times a day. I found that although she loved squeaky toys, she would tear one up in about an hour. It would be a little expensive to go through about four a day seven days a week. What I decided to use was bottle caps. When we empty bottles, we use the caps to play fetch with. She chews them up but they don’t cost us anything so we don’t really care. As the game progresses we end up with smaller and smaller parts of a bottle cap. When the game is over, if we don’t pick up all the pieces, she will bring us a piece when she wants to play. Hurricane also does some great leaps and twists when she is playing fetch. This is entertaining to all who watch. When warm weather permits us to go to the dog park. We use a tennis ball to play fetch with. Another one of hurricane’s favorite activities is riding in the car. What could be better than a ride in the car to the dog park. When 4 pm comes it is time for dinner. Hurricane is pretty good at telling when it is dinner time. She does have trouble when we change to daylight saving time and then back to standard time. We have to gradually adjust her eating time until we adjust for the time change. The evening includes several more games of fetch. She also likes to parade around after she has caught the bottle cap. She shows off her accomplishment. Sometimes we also play hide and seek or do some tricks for some of her favorite treets. About 8 pm she is finally ready to sleep almost every night. If we go out in the evening, she rests up and wants to play when we get home. She is the most active dog I have ever had and she really expects a lot from us. Written for Love Your Pet Day and inspired by Personal Creations

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