Teaching your dog to do tricks is best accomplished by using both a verbal command and a hand signal. Use the same command and hand signal each time for a trick. The command should be a short distinctive phrase. Continue to practice each trick over and over again. Always use a firm voice and lots of positive reinforcement. Eventually, your dog will understand and will readily learn the tricks. Some people also use a clicker to signal when the trick has been completed successfully.


You can make your canine sit down by grasping the leash firmly and pushing down on the hindquarters. Following this step, command, “Sit”. In case your pet doesn’t sit down, push down just a little harder, and your canine ought to sit down.

Sitting up

Sitting up is simpler for little dogs due to their shorter legs. Longer legged varieties of dog breeds might have more difficulty however I have trained a number of large dogs to sit up. You could make your pet dog sit up by making them sit down. Then place your arm out when in front of them and place the dog`s front legs on the arm. After your pet gets used to this, take away your arm and find out just how long your dog can remain in this position.


Getting your dog to come is easy. All you need to do is squat down and command, “Come!” Motion for your dog to come by waving both hands in an welcoming way.

Shake Hands

Begin by having your dog sit down. Say, “Shake hands,” and take his paw using your hand. Hold his paw and say, “Good dog!” Let go of the paw. Repeat this several times each day. After some time, say, “Shake hands,” but don’t take his paw. Find out if he raises his paw on his own. If not, keep demonstrating what to do by saying, “Shake hands,” and taking his paw in your hand until he learns.


Choose a activity that your dog enjoys playing, like catch with a ball, or hide and seek with a toy. Get him energized and show him the ball or plaything. Leap and behave goofy so he barks and then say, “speak”. Then play the game as his reward for learning how to “Speak”. You can’t make a canine bark, but you can get him excited so he would like to bark. After a while, your pet will bark when you say, “Speak.”

Lay Down

Point to the ground and say “lay down”. Push on the dogs back and pull on of the dogs paws out until the dog lays down. Repeat this a few times until the dog will lay down on command.

Roll Over

Begin by getting your dog to lie down on his belly. It is possible to stand above him or kneel next to him. By using a treat, hold it by his nose, after which move it about and behind him, in order that he will lie upon his side after which rolls over. Let him know what a good dog he is! Only roll your pet on soft areas like carpet or grass so he doesn’t hurt his back.

Turn Around

Begin by having your pet fully stand up facing you. Allow your dog view a treat within your hand. Remain still and say, “Turn around”. Guide the dog’s nose around to with the treat so that he walks in a complete circle. When he returns to where he is facing you once again, say, “Good dog!” and offer him the treat. After practice, you should be able to say, “Turn around,” without leading his nose and he will turn around by himself.


To teach your dog stay, face the dog and slowly back away, commanding “Stay!” while you move away. With a little practice your dog should have no problem learning to stay.


Begin by getting your dog to lie down. Hold a goody just before his nose and say, “Crawl.” If he starts to stand up, use the other hand to aply a little pressure on his back to hold him down.” Keep the treat low, near the ground and say, “Crawl.” Whenever your dog moves even one inch or two without standing, praise him and say, “Good dog! Crawl” and give him the treat.

Go Back

Stand facing your pet and as you walk towards him, say “Go Back”. He’ll want to get out of your way and definately will walk backwards! In case your canine doesn’t walk back in a straight line, train against a wall or perhaps in a narrow hallway. After your pet is walking backwards along with you, try walking towards him just a step or two. Ultimately, you’ll be able to remain still and say “Go Back”.


Bowing is an easy trick. To achieve this trick you need to place the dog in the standing position. Then push lightly on its back, directly behind its head, while holding your other hand under the dog`s belly, and commanding “bow.” Don’t let him go to the laying position.

Play Dead

Have your pet lay down on his belly. When you gently roll him over on his side, say, “play dead” When he is laying on his side, keeping his head on the ground, say, “play dead” Don’t offer him a treat. Encourage him to remain there for a few seconds. Then say, “Ok”. Let him stand up, and present him with his reward.

Say Hello

Begin by sitting on a chair with the dog by your side. While holding a treat, place your hand in between your knees and encourage your pet to get it. When your dog’s chin touches your leg, say “Say Hello!”. Use a little gentle pressure on his head if he doesn’t put his chin on your leg by himself. Then say “OK” and give him the treat right after he raises his head. Only provide your dog the treat once you have released him. Increase the amount time his chin is coming in contact with your leg, so ultimately your pet will keep it there when you pet him. Then release him and give him the treat.

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