2 Reasons Why Dogs are so Aggressive


If you have or had a dog, you may have felt a dog’s uncontrollable aggression. These can be during the day. Your dog is just zipping around, barking, biting. It could also happen at night time. Your dog’s energy and aggression doesn’t let you sleep. This memory is sure to stick.

Without the proper guidance though, people have no idea why their dogs are aggressive in the first place. When this happens, this aggression could take a toll on you, the people around you, and your dog as well.

Let’s try and understand a couple of reasons why dogs get aggressive. The Dog Training team hopes that these reasons enhance your understanding and allow you to better care for your dog.

Your Dog is Afraid

One of the most common reasons why dogs get aggressive is because they are afraid. The fear that the dogs have about certain things just pushes them to lash out aggressively. This is usually when they feel like they are in danger.

On one hand, it is good to have a dog that fights for itself when it feels like its life is in danger. However, the trouble comes when there is nothing putting them in danger and it is all in their heads.

To stop this reaction, it all starts with how you bring up your dog. First, ensure that the environment at home is a safe one and that they are relaxed there. Make it feel like their home.

Next, it is important for them to cultivate social skills. You can do this when you bring them to the vet regularly. After they get all their shots, have them take walks outside and interact with other dogs. This will ensure that when they venture out, they can be comfortable everywhere.


Another reason why dogs get aggressive is because they are frustrated. They are frustrated they are not getting what they want, or not doing what they want to do.

This is usually seen in dogs that are tied up for most of the day. Try to read the signs that your dog is showing and react accordingly. Boredom leads to frustration, so it’s important that you give them something to do that lasts for quite some time. Hand them chew treats like bully sticks to combat boredom and frustration.

We hope that these reasons for dog aggression have helped clear things up for you and will help you in the long run.

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