The Parson Russell Terrier is really a scrappy member of the Terrier Group, constantly searching for excitement and adventure. These energetic small dogs like to hunt, run after whatever moves, and definately will explore virtually any area with vitality and intent. Parson Russell Terriers are just as playful as they are lively, making these canines fantastic to have all around young children. The personality of your Parson Russell Terrier can change from fun-loving to reserved and aggressive with regards to other household pets or strange dogs. Nevertheless, they can be much less weary around strange people, but make a fantastic watchdog if the family sleeps during the night. This is genuinely one breed that suits a family that enjoys a spunky, on-the-move type of dog.
Parson Russell Terrier

A Short History On The Breed

The Parson Russell Terrier has its own origins in England, going back to the 19th century. The breed of dog descended from a single specific male terrier called Trump. Trump was owned by a guy known as John Russell, therefore, the breed’s name, who had been a devoted lover of fox hunting. John Russell’s personal objective would be to produce a type of terrier dog that could not just keep up with traveling horses on the run, but might also preserve its capacity to rapidly dispatch fox. This type of canine grew to be quite popular and successful. They were termed with the name “Parson Russell Terriers”. Parson Russell Terrier dogs continued to be much more valuable in the field instead of the show ring. A long-standing custom, proud owners of the breed of dog kept them from contending at dog shows and rather continued to establish their status as hunters in the field. The breed of dog obtained AKC recognition and in 1998 was accepted in the Terrier Group as being the “Jack Russell Terrier”, which has been later on changed to the “Parson Russell Terrier” in 2003.

Maintenance Needs For Your Pet

This is one breed of dog that is most effective for those who take pleasure in an energetic lifestyle. Parson Russell terriers flourish off adventure and their levels of energy are actually “through-the-roof”. Consequently, they have to have daily physical exercise and enjoyable games to deal with its needs. Parson Russel Terriers should have a minimum of 2 to 3 quick walks throughout the day as well as the freedom to run about outside the house. The perfect living arrangement with this dog would be to allow the Parson Russell to get access to a fenced-in backyard throughout the day, but to get to sleep inside during the night. They’ve got reasonable tolerance to cold and hot temperature ranges, but should not be forced to sleep outdoors. This is not the kind of dog to have couped up in a tiny apartment. Proper grooming needs are minimal, calling for a light brushing once weekly to get rid of dead hairs.


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Health Issues You Need to Know About

Lifespan: 13 – 15 years.
Major Health Concerns Minor Health Concerns Vet Recommended Tests
None patellar luxation
lens luxation
knee and eye problems
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