3 Ways to Tire Out Your Dog


In Dog Training’s previous article, we listed down a couple of reasons on why dogs get aggressive. Another reason not listed there is the energy levels of the dog.

Dogs have so much energy. Every day, it is the goal of the trainer to deplete the energy of the dog through a variety of means. Ideally, all the energy should be used in just one big activity. This means one thing: exercise and/or physical activities.

Afterward, this ensures that your dog will be too tired to have any aggression that may keep you up at night.

Let’s look at three ways that you can tire out your dog.


Walks are essential in taking care of dogs. They are also probably the first thing that came in mind when you heard about tiring out your dog.

Walks are great, as it physically benefits both you and your dog. If you are strictly just walking, you’ll need to walk quite a bit in order to tire out your dog. However, if you can run, we would suggest that you do.

Dogs enjoy a good run and it will tire them out relatively quicker this way.

Blowing Bubbles

If the weather is not on your side, this means that you can’t take your dog out for a walk. Don’t worry, you can have your dog do exercises in the house too. One of the most creative and most fun ways to do it is by blowing bubbles at your dog.

The first thing you have to do is teach your dog how to chase these bubbles. Start by blowing out a few and pointing at them to encourage your dog to chase them.

Oftentimes, dogs will be skeptical about something new. When that happens in the case of the bubbles, you can show them it is alright by popping some yourself.

There are some bubble toys that are made specifically for dogs. However, if they eat too much of it, it may cause a bad stomach. Also, remember to wipe off their faces during and after sessions as the solution may go in their eyes and irritate it.

Mental Exercises

The final way that we’ll present is mental exercise. One way of doing this is by training the dog and teaching them some new tricks. Your dog will be forced to think about what they need to do.

It will tire them out, no doubt. Mix these training sessions in with physical exercise too for a holistic session.

We hope you find more effective ways to tire out your dog and implement them to your benefit.

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