My name is Wayne Guttersohn and I live in Mascoutah IL. We are close to Scott Air Force Base. About 20 miles away is the Mississippi River. On the other side of the river is St. Louis, Mo.

I enjoy working with my assistant to bring you information about training your dog.

Hurricane My assistant’s name is Hurricane. She lives up to her name. She has devoted her live to playing fetch. This is really a required daily activity. If no body plays with her, she will pester us until we do. She also enjoys shaking a rag and sometimes tearing it up. We seem to run out of rags frequently. Her hobbies include barking at the mailman, car rides, and going for walks with me. Her favorite place to go in the car is the dog park. Of course she wants to play fetch there until she can’t go any more.

She is in charge of our research department. After careful research, she would like to recommend vanilla wafers as treats. She finds the generic type to be quite acceptable.

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