Bear in mind: bored dogs misbehave. In the event you don’t keep the dog’s brain stimulated, it’s likely that he’ll discover activities to stimulate his mind by himself and you will probably not like these activities. If your pet dog is digging or chewing unacceptable items or if he’s running all over the house out of control, take a look at the mental side of the picture. The old saying that a tired dog is a happy dog is all too true. And even more to the point, you could say that a mentally stimulated canine is a well-behaved canine. A pet dog that’s mentally stimulated every day is really a happy dog. Happy dogs don’t lead to further problems.
Here’s a simple listing of how to help keep your canine mentally stimulated: 1. Physical exercise. Dogs require plenty of exercise. When you can integrate exercise with yet another activity for example playing, “find the ball,” playing fetch, or doing some agility workouts, then that’s better still. 2. Brain teaser playthings. There is a variety of neat toys that really challenge your dog’s mind. For instance, one of the most well-liked ones would be the “Buster Cube,” a plastic cube that releases a pellet of food, every third or fourth time the Cube is rolled over.
3. Little rituals carried out at the exact same time of day every single day. For instance; feeding time, pet grooming, walks, “cookie” time, car trips out and about, and so on… Pet dogs like routine. 4. Dogs love to work. Teach your pet to bring in the newspaper, bring mail back from the mail box or to go out along with you whenever you get the garbage out. 5. Dog obedience training. Dog obedience training requires your pet dog to make use of his brain and think. Understanding that he’ll be praised for making the right choice and corrected for making the incorrect decision (and permitted the opportunity to make a good decision once again) instills a feeling of responsibility in your dog and requires that he use his noggin. Keep in mind: Dogs are selectively bred to work. They’ve been endowed with super-human instincts and drives plus they require an outlet for these drives.

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