The Tibetan Terrier is an all-purpose canine along with a proud member of the Non-Sporting Group. They’ve got a cute, shaggy look, with a square proportion, and even though small in proportions – retains actual physical power and muscularity. They stand at roughly 15 to 16 inches and weigh between 18 to 30 lbs (based on gender). The personality of your Tibetan Terrier is a gentle, loving dog. For some reason these canines understand how to lay on the charm which allows anyone to wish to take one home. They’re a faithful companion that likes the peaceful life if interior living, yet still can be relied on to wander the great out-of-doors upon an exciting hike or walk. The Tibetan Terrier is warm and friendly toward other canines and household pets, but fairly reserved about strange people.
Tibetan Terrier

A History Of The Dog Breed

The actual history of the Tibetan Terrier is equally as mystical as the lands it comes down from. It is stated these canines have been selectively bred some 2,000 years back within Lamaist monasteries. Even though they were utilised to assist with working duties, the objective of the breed of dog was as companions and holy dogs, “bringers of luck” as they say. You’ve probably read through several miraculous tales of these canines. One particular story claims the whole village of which the breed of dog were living was totally blocked off when an earth quake demolished the path into the area, in the fourteenth century. To be able to cross, individuals needed to cover dangerous paths, which killed quite a few. It is said that anybody that was transporting a Tibetan Terrier managed to get through safely and securely. Not one of those canines were actually sold. These were kept in such high reverence that the only time anybody beyond Tibet acquired one was in the event it was offered as being a special gift. One particular gentleman acquired this present of a Tibetan Terrier and is responsible for breeding additional litters, therefore bringing worldwide appreciation of them. His name was Dr. Grieg and the year was 1920. The breed of dog was initially acknowledged beyond its birthplace in India. The dogs then made their way to English dog shows in 1937. America discovered the Tibetan Terrier throughout the 1950s plus 1973, the breed of dog was formally recognized by the AKC.

Maintenance Needs For Your Dog

This terrier could be the ideal house dog to have enjoyable and calmly seated on your side in the house, however when outdoors it likes to run and search for adventure. A couple of walks on the leash every day and a few enjoyable games within the backyard is a wonderful way to help keep the Tibetan Terrier fit and mentally stimulated. This breed of dog can stand up to reasonably hot and cool temperature ranges however is not supposed to live outdoors. They’re most suitable either to be considered a total indoor dog, or perhaps an indoor dog that can access a fenced-in region outdoors throughout the day. In either case, the Tibetan forms a really close relationship with its loved ones and will make a reliable watch dog. Proper grooming requirements for that breed of dog includes a very good brushing of their shaggy coat two times every week.


Tibetan Terrier Dog Breeders

Health Issues You Need to Know About

Lifespan: 12 – 15 years.
Major Health Concerns Minor Health Concerns Vet Recommended Tests
lens luxation
patellar luxation
ceroid lipofuscinosis
hip, eye,
and thyroid problems
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